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Local, raw, kombucha. 

by Gavin mann and david moore


Our booch

Our local, small batch kombucha is made

in Kentucky with locally sourced ingredients

by two people who love what they do.

Our flavors

We know choosing between kombuchas can be difficult

so we've kept it simple with just three amazing flavors.


Ginger carries the spice and kick of ginger root and along with all the

wonderful benefits ginger has


Locally grown blueberries  help give our kombucha a sweet tangy twist

apple cinnamon

Apple cinnamon carries all the sweetness of crisp, ripe, apples

and the spice if locally sourced cinnamon. It's unlike other

kombucha flavors and is a holiday favorite.  


Whats in my drink?

Found a little squishy blob in your drink? That's a scoby!

A Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. Its how kombucha is

made. Its perfectly healthy and means you got a particularly

awesome bottle of booch.                                                       


The Fifth Gallon has partnered with several wonderful businesses and can be found at...

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zest! Juice for life

Zest! is the best place in Bowling Green to pick up some awesome juices as well as a bottle of kombucha. Natalie Boddecker is seriously the best. Their downtown location, 326 East Main Ave., is a great place to hang out right off of the square.

CFM logo.png

community farmers market

The Bowling Green Community Farmers market is the coolest group of the strangest people and the best way to see us personally. We are there every Saturday from 8am-1pm. The market has great food, coffee, produce and, of course, kombucha. their location at 2319 Nashville Rd. is the perfect place to spend your next Saturday morning.


the fatted calf

Rian's Fatted Calf is the place to by high quality meats. Run by a fantastic, personable family, the Fatted Calf is a staple in local Kentucky business. Located on 1505 US-31 Bypass, their store is always full of costumers. Very few stores have packed themselves wall to wall with local products like the Fatted Calf has. Overall a killer store and a great place to snag a bottle. 



be happy yoga and salt cave

Be Happy, located on 2710 Nashville Rd is tucked back next to Kroger. It is another great place to grab a Fifth Gallon booch. Run by the friendliest ladies in business, Be Happy features a beautiful salt cave and quality yoga classes. We're thrilled to be selling our product in their store. 

Vertical Excape Climbing Center

Vertical Excape is indisputably the best climbing gym in Bowling Green, no competition. And now they've become even cooler by offering Fifth Gallon Kombucha. Spend your next free afternoon there climbing your heart out or just stand on the ground and drink kombucha. Their gym is located at 121 Flex Park Ln Suite #2.



hot yoga

Fifth Gallon Kombucha can also be found at Hot Yoga on 730 Fairview Ave. If you have never been there you are missing out. It's run by "Yoga Daddy" and "Yoga Momma" which are two of the most hilarious people you can meet in Bowling Green. It is, definitively, the ultimate place to de-stress with a kombucha after a hard day.

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David and Gavin and the Fifth Gallon

David and Gavin are college students at Western Kentucky University. Back in their highschool days they joked about selling kombucha. After a year they turned their greatest running joke into their greatest accomplishment. To add to his mothers existing four gallons, Gavin and David started a single gallon of their own. This gallon was, of course, the Fifth Gallon. 

Here at the Fifth Gallon we use locally sourced ingredient and our strong relationships with our suppliers to guarantee fresh and healthy ginger, apples, and blueberries. Our goal is to produce high quality kombucha for as many people as we can. There's just two of us now, but we have high hopes for this company and we thank everyone who has supported us over the years.


Contact Us

Here at the Fifth Gallon we are dedicated to our craft. Any comments, criticisms, or complements are appreciated.  

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